November 22nd, 2012

Undoing Shuimo, International Contemporary Shuimo Invitational Exhibition

Deconstructing Ink Peng Feng

Deconstructing ink in the name of ink seems like an impossible task. If deconstruction means dismissal, then you can only expect non-ink to act as a gravedigger for ink. We use water to deconstruct the ink, not to remove the ink, but to liberate the ink; not the end of the ink, but the ink Health. After we have suspended all kinds of irregularities about ink, the rest is the ink itself. Going back to the things themselves, this is the task that philosophers put ahead of themselves, but often it is done by art. At this point, philosophy and art go the same way. They are all using negative methods to complete self-solution. The impossible task.

We invited 20 active artists from home and abroad who deconstructed ink from different angles. However, their works all seem to really be “ink”. The Zen masters taught us that to be free, it is necessary to kill every time, every time the Buddha kills the Buddha, and the ancestors kill the ancestors. However, the purpose of liberation is not to do very things with great heart, but to do normal things with normal heart. This is typical of Chinese wisdom.

We hope that this exhibition, like an Occam razor, removes the various fogs that are hidden above the ink. The purpose of deconstructing ink is to return ink to its original form.