September 19th, 2009

The Silent Minority “Dazed” Invitational Exhibition

Academic Host: Qin Feng
Planner: Li Tiejun
Executive Planning: Wu Zhenhuan
Venue: Beijing Museum of Contemporary Art
Time: During the 5th Song Zhuang Culture and Art Festival
The Main Tenet: History is the history of all, but the achievement of the historical height and quality are only those who are highly knowledgeable, firmly believed, and made unremitting efforts to quiet the few.

The history of art is also the same. Only the few artists who are highly savvy, convinced, persevering and making unremitting efforts and calmness achieve within the art world of our time, placing themselves into the history of art. In the field of vision, the ability to focus on the relatively pure quality of art and pay attention to sincerity, the ideals, qualities, beliefs, independent thinking, of artists who are silent in the world, artists and art talents who have worked hard for a long time and artists who pay attention to the independent character of the existing nation will reach global and artistic acknowledgement. Those that refused to commerce, refused to be popular, refused to make quick profits and that returned to a quiet, distant purity are able show the true sincerity within their heart.