Qin Feng


Qin Feng is a leader of contemporary ink painting and a forerunning representative of the Chinese avant-garde art movement.  Qin studied at Shandong University of Art and Design where later moved to Berlin and then on to the United States. His paintings experiment with traditional Chinese ink and Western abstract expressionist styles, maintaining a link with the traditional while toying with the imported. His use of tea, which represents the East, and coffee, the West, in the backgrounds of his ink paintings emphasize cultural contrasts and his attempt to bring the two together. 

Qin’s upbringing in Xinjiang, located in the extreme northwest of China, profoundly influences his work. Once an intersection for Silk Road trade routes, Xinjiang historically has been a focus for multicultural and multiethnic coexistence.  This legacy continues today, making Xinjiang a unique locus for different languages including Chinese, Arabic, Uighur and Hindu. Qin’s childhood in Xinjiang and later his travels abroad exposed him to varying cultures and languages, resulting in his present fascination with written and spoken word, systems of universal communication and cultural difference.  


Participated in dozens of auctions with various renown auction houses including Christie’s, Sotheby’s, Guardian and Pauli.

Select Institutional Collections

The British Museum, Metropolitan Museum of Art, Boston Museum of Art, California Asia Pacific Museum, Ford Foundation, Mike Dallas Foundation, Rockefeller Foundation, National Museum of China, Harvard University Fogg Art Museum, Yale Dozens of museums, art institutions and nearly a hundred people collections, including the University Art Museum, the Smith College Art Gallery, the French National Foundation, and the Himalayan Art Museum.

Select Public Art Projects

Beijing Wangfu Peninsula Hotel Main Hall
Beijing Contemporary Art Square Sculpture
Texas Art Museum Square Sculpture
Beijing Four Seasons Hotel Lobby
Shanghai Himalaya Art Museum & Hotel Lobby & Presidential Suite
BRICS Presidential Meeting Room
Dozens of K11 Hong Kong headquarters halls, etc.