June 6th, 2015

Swiss Art Festival: From the Himalayas to the Alps ‘Ink Change’ Exhibition

Date: June 6—October 30,2015
Curators:Gertrud AESCHLIMANN,Michael SUH
Academic Advisors:Roy OPPENHEIM, Marlena DONOHUE
Sponsors:Museum Art-st-Urban,Shanghai Himalayas Museum
Beijing Museum of Contemporary Art
Support:Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in Switzerland,Kanton Luzern Swisslos Kulturförderug, UBS Kulturstifung

Words fail to capture the experience of seeing how Qin Feng “projects” his huge paintings. “Projects” in the truest sense of the word, since he literally hurls the giant brush, like a big mop with a long handle, precisely in the predetermined direction he’s decided; the black ink or paint forcefully crashes horizontally onto canvas laid on the floor, and with the smashing of paint on canvas, leaves behind an energy-charged, deep black trail with round wide sprawling splashes, shooting out like rays from the black mass. Qin Feng’s rhythmic “tai chi”-like movements during this process are like a meditation in motion; with his energetic works, he allows us to revisit the Chinese philosophy of Kung Fu – the endeavour to perfect oneself by constantly moving forward and artfully bringing the internal state to the outside through action, in unity of mind and body (Confucius). In Qin’s paintings, explosive areas of conflict – the transformative phases of balancing forces – yin and yang – are made visible.

It is our pleasure and honour to have this great artist accept our invitation to come to St. Urban. Qin Feng developed a complete exhibition in a few weeks’ residency here in Spring in the museum-art-st-urban studios. Sometimes working straight through the night, inspired by the energy of this “power place” and the unique environment of the monastery. This intensely shared time with the very interesting and philosophical artist was a great experience which we count among the highlights of our 10 years’ time at art-st-urban.

Art-st-urban provides a unique platform with its versatile exhibition possibilities for the contemporary Chinese art of Qin Feng. The historic area of the Abbey and St.Urban with its monastic and spiritual aura, is a perfect setting and opens up an exciting contrast to his works.

We thank the government of the canton of Lucerne for the highly valued support and patronage of the festival, along with the Chinese Embassy in Switzerland, the canton administration of the Abbey, LUPS, for the hospitality in the Abbeys area and all participants for their valuable assistance in the implementation and support to prepare and install the exhibitions.

We thank the various Chinese art and cultural institutions and academic advisors at the various Art-Exchange projects and we thank the donors and sponsors for their generous support of this valuable and sometimes far-reaching cultural exchange – programs between China and Switzerland. We would especially like to mention the very pleasant cooperation for this current exhibition with the artist Qin Feng, supported by the Himalaya Museum Shanghai and Shanghai Zandai Group and the MOCA Beijing, headed by Executive Director Michael Suh and Co-curator of the show.

A warm welcome in St. Urban to the artist Qin Feng and his delegation from China, as well as all guests and visitors of his exhibition.

By/ Gertrud and Heinz Aeschlimann