Lease Space

Located in a beautiful forest park, Beijing Contemporary Art Museum covers an area of ​​300 acres and has tens of thousands of square meters of creative event space. The art gallery and the park building were designed and created by the artist Qin Feng, with its design combines traditional Chinese form with post-modern architectural conceptualism. More than a dozen buildings are scattered inside the complex of the forest park with the centre piece exhibition hall of the Art Gallery boasting a display space of 3,000 square meters and an open-air display platform with a top floor of 2,000 square meters.

There are more than 10 international artist studios in the park. There are also artists’ hotels and restaurants. There are tens of thousands of square meters of green space and public space for large exhibitions and other events. And have professional safety facilities. So far, we have provided shooting venues for other social public business events such as large auto shows, fashion shows, movies and advertisements. Every event has tens of thousands of visitors. The Beijing Museum of Contemporary Art is a non-profit organization that is open to the whole society and hopes to be shared by colleagues and the community. Help and support.


Brand Events

 The Gallery Space at Beijing Museum of Contemporary Art is available for brand and specialised events. So far we have hosted multiple large car shows for the likes of Lamborgini, Volkswagen and Toyota as well as fashion shows, films, advertisements and other social societies. The Beijing Museum of Contemporary Art is a non-profit organisation that is open to society and hopes to receive help and support from colleagues and the community.

Please feel free to contact for enquiries and further information.