June 28th, 2017

MoCA Beijing 10th Anniversary Exhibition Series (2)

Hans Eichmann has been engaged in sculpting for more than three years and has already created a large reputation for himself within the international art world. For Eichmann, boundaries are  made to be broken. Whether it be in personal living or within artistic creation, he is a true cross-border personality. Eichmann is an internationally renown expert in architecture, while at the same time he is also an active artist brilliant artist. The two-piece outdoor sculpture that can be seen on display outside of the museum is one Eichmann’s important representative works of welding.

Other exhibitor Ren Hongwei boasts a very unique style of art. Often influenced from childhood experiences, the contemporary global context is sourced from keen observation and deep thinking which provides his works with a familiar sense of strangeness.  Pop, elegance, misplacement, political metaphors and emotions are all hidden within his the works. Common phenomenas are redefined in conflict, and what were once ordinary objects acquire a new sense of life.

Art Director: Qin Feng
Curator: Michael Suh

Opening Time: 16:00 pm April 26th, 2017
500, Daxingzhuang, Tongzhou District, Beijing