October 17th, 2008

‘Ink and Wash, Contemporary Ink Artists Nomination Exhibition’ (First Exhibition)

‘Ink and Wash · The Contemporary Ink Artists Nomination Exhibition (1)’ will be held at the Beijing Museum of Contemporary Art at 2:30 pm on October 17, 2008. This exhibition analyses through the development of contemporary ink and wash from the perspective of art history and reveals the romance and footprint between contemporary ink and wash. Ping Jie served as chief planner for this internationally renowned exhibition, with a list of curators including: Li Tiejun (Beijing area curator), Ingrid Raab (Berlin area curator), Tian Wenhao (Boston area curator) and Xu Yufu (Taiwan area curator). The event was held in Beijing and hosted by the Beijing Museum of Contemporary Art, Berlin Raab Gallery and Harvard University’s Fairbank Chinese Research Centre.

Qin Feng, Xu Bing, Gu Wenda and Wang Tiande and a host of other artists gathered on the opening of the exhibition at Beijing Museum of Contemporary Art. Collectively these contemporary ink figures began to draw light on the chain of Chinese ink and wash history.


‘Ink and Wash · Contemporary Ink Artists Nomination Exhibition’ is an international road show. Since the 1990s, a new style has been gradually constructed which has seen its international influence begin to receive great attention. Chinese ink artists broke the traditional form of Chinese ink painting and expanded through the use of various materials and integrated materials, seeing the development of ink and wash break through the shield of cultural repetition. The artists are more concerned about thinking about today’s social phenomena’s, exploring the development of ink art with a calm mindset, rationally selecting and reorganising colours, materials or patterns to achieve the performance of the inner world. For a performance, the medium, rather than a technical specification, has made new advances in image structure and symbol composition, forming a re-structure of a more complex and diverse language system and aesthetic standards that differ from traditional Chinese painting. They are based on examining the different forms of contemporary ink painting and re-recognising the essence of ink painting, discovering the clues and directions of contemporary ink and wash development.

“Painting Romance” will show the contemporary ink in segments, each time with six to eight artists within the exhibition. All the selected contemporary ink artists have irreplaceable importance and boast huge developments in contemporary ink.

Chinese contemporary ink artists within the exhibition include: Liu Guosong, Xiao Qin (literature works), Qiu Deshu, Gu Wenda, Xu Bing, Wang Tiande, Guangzhao, Lan Zhenghui and Qin Feng. These artists are at the forefront of development within Chinese ink and wash, each holding their own unique position in the matter. The different styles between the artists are the true portrayal of the evolution of Chinese ink art in the context of the development of Chinese contemporary art, their artistic value reflected is the definition of the development and spiritual inheritance of contemporary ink painting. This exhibition is only a node in the link of ink art history, however plays large significance. The exhibition provides literature for the history of Chinese contemporary ink painting and is a systematic study of contemporary ink painting from both academic and style building perspectives.