December 28, 2013

‘Forms of the Formless’ Exhibition of International Contemporary Art Tianjin 2013

Artists Participating in the Exhibition: Dai Guangyu, Jing Yumin, Jing Shijian, Qin Feng, Wang Yuqiong, Cui Xianji, Qin Chong, Li Yongzheng, Tan Xun, Yang Liming, Huang Zheng, Guan Jingjing, Lita Albuquerque, Bonita Hermo, Francesca Mitterrand, Annetta Kapon and Luc Leestemaker

Curators: Su Duo Zhuang and Marlena Donohue
Academic Host: Xia Kejun and Tang Yu
Academic Board: Zeng Chenggang, curtis carter and Bruce Beasley
Media Consultants: So, Shu Xiangcai and Iynn Bo
Curator Assistants: Lu Manni and Zeng Xiaocui
Organisers: Nanjing Qinghe Contemporary Art Museum, Beijing Museum of Contemporary Art, Chinese Sculpture Society and China Internet News Center

Location: Tianjin TEDA Museum of Contemporary Art
Opening: December 28, 2013 3:00 pm
Exhibition Period: December 28th, 2013 – January 25th, 2014

Supporting Media: National Art, Art China Network, Art and Wealth, Jiangsu Pictorial, Contemporary Artists, Art Contemporary, 99 Art Network, Artron Art Network, CCTV Network, Oriental Art • Everyone and Contemporary Art News Beijing TV Station


Start with the shape. Start with invisible. In the form of “shape”, in the form of “nothing”, in the form of “invisible”, the image of the shape outside, the elephant outside the imagery.

The concept of “forms of the formless” comes from traditional Chinese philosophy. The Book of Changes: “In the image of heaven, forming in the earth”; The Tao Te Ching contains: “The elephant is invisible.” The exhibition presents a group of artists with the ultimate goal of their creations not to create a “form” of vision, but an intentional or unintentional spiritual experience of Eastern philosophy. The creative process of the work is a two-way dialogue with the inner self and the existence of the whole and is a way of exploring the real world. The manifestation of the result is the transcendence of “form”, is the “image”, the invisible image.

Resonance Plan • Tianjin 2013 – ‘Forms of the Formless’ International Fashion Art Exhibition (“Forms of the Formless” Exhibition of International Contemporary Art Tianjin 2013) invited Professor Marinna Donahue, a famous American art historian (Marlena Donohue) to participate in planning the extension and expansion of the ‘Forms of the Formless – Chinese Contemporary Art Exhibition’ during the 2012 Sino-German Cultural Year. Whether it is the composition of the curatorial team, or the way in which the participating artists and works are presented, the differences between the keywords “China” and “International” of the two exhibition themes are both reflected.

If the ‘Forms of the Formless’ Chinese Contemporary Art Exhibition during the Sino-German Cultural Year 2012 is a Chinese solo performance by Chinese artists facing Western audiences, then the 2013 ‘Forms of the Formless’ International Contemporary Art Exhibition is an international chorus of both Chinese and Western artists. On the visual platform of the “Resonance Plan”, Chinese wisdom and Western philosophers will come together as one. The “resonance” of Chinese and foreign artists and Chinese and Western audiences are expected to spark when the two meet and light up the dark midnight sky of contemporary art.

This is the fourth exhibition of ‘Forms of the Formless’, before the previous exhibitions at the German Karl Schutter Art Center, Beijing Temple Art Museum and Hubei Art Museum which have all received extensive attention. The fifth stop is expected to be on display at the Beijing Museum of Contemporary Art in the spring of 2014.

(Wen / Su duo Zhuang, curator, Executive Director, Beijing Museum of Contemporary Art)