May 25th, 2014

‘Forms of the Formless’ Exhibition of International Contemporary Art 2014

The eleventh stop of the Resonance Plan – ‘Forms of the Formless China Contemporary Art Exhibition’

Exhibition City: Lucerne, Switzerland
Curators: Su Duo Zhuang and Gertrud Aeschlimann
Exhibition Period: May 25th – August 24th, 2014
Venue: St. Urban Museum of Contemporary Art, Switzerland
Artists Participating in the Exhibition: Wang Yiyin, Qiu Shihua, Liang Shu, Liu Xuguang, Tan Ping, Qin Feng, Chen Qi, Liu Guofu, Liu Yonggang, Zhao Wei, Qin Chong, Chen Hui, Yang Liming and Qian Jiahua

Academic Board: Zeng Chenggang, Xia Kejun, Tang Yan, Hans Eichriman, Marina Donahue, Wolfgang Gran
Supporting Units: Chinese Ministry of Culture and Chinese Embassy in Switzerland
Organisers: Nanjing Qinghe Contemporary Art Museum, Beijing Museum of Contemporary Art and Swiss St. Urban Museum of Contemporary Art

At 4 pm on the 25th of May 2014, the ‘Resonance Plan • Switzerland 2014 Forms of the Formless • Chinese Contemporary Art Exhibition’ kicked off at the St. Urban Museum of Contemporary Art in Switzerland. The exhibition was run by Su Duo Zhuang, Executive Director of the Beijing Museum of Contemporary Art, and Gu Chu, Director of the Museum of Contemporary Art, St. Urban, Switzerland. Hilman supported the planning of the exhibition and invited artists such as Qiu Shihua, Wang Yiyin, Liang Shu, Tan Ping, Chen Qi, Liu Guofu, Yang Liming, Chen Hui, Qin Feng, Qin Chong, Liu Xuguang, Liu Yonggang, Zhao Wei and Qian Jiahua to participate. Representative of the Chinese Embassy in Switzerland was Director of the Swiss Federal Cultural Bureau, Deputy Governor of Lucerne and other important guests such as the Chairman of the Urban Culture and Art Foundation came to the opening ceremony and delivered speeches respectively.

St. Urban’s Museum of Contemporary Art is located in the scenic Lucerne, next to the landmark St. Urban Abbey. The historic buildings are built in a baroque style and rich in artistic atmosphere. St. Urban’s Museum of Contemporary Art is dedicated to promoting international cooperation and benign development of contemporary art through a range of different platforms from their exhibition halls, sculpted gardens and resident artists’ creative exchange programs.

According to curator Mr. Su Duozhuang, the ‘Resonance Plan’ is based on Chinese texture’s exploration of oriental art and philosophy. The essence of learning, attention to tradition and attention to the current continuous art promotion projects involving sculptures, paintings, videos, installations, public art and other artistic styles aims to promote Chinese contemporary art to the world, presenting a pulsating live Chinese state.

The concept of “forms of the formless” comes from Chinese traditional philosophy, and the series of exhibitions named here is an exclusive platform for exploring the essence of Eastern philosophy in the ‘Resonance Plan’ project. On this platform, nearly 80 outstanding artists have exhibited at the Karlsut Art Center in Germany. The professional art spaces found at the Beijing Sishang Art Museum, Wuhan Hubei Art Museum, Tianjin TEDA Contemporary Art Museum and Beijing Museum of Contemporary Art show their respective creative styles surrounding philosophical speculation and visual expression concepts of “forms of the formless”.

Mr. Su Duo Zhuang:
“We have this impression of the artist presented by the “forms of the formless”: The ultimate goal of their creation is not to create a “form” of vision, but an intentional or unintentional spiritual experience of Eastern philosophy. The creative process of the work is a two-way dialogue with the inner-self and existence of the whole. This is a way of exploring the real world. The expression of the creative result is the transcendence of “shape”, the “image”, the invisible image and the elephant outside the image. The Book of Changes has a cloud: “In the image of heaven, “Formed in the earth”; “The Tao Te Ching” also contains: “The elephant is invisible.” Along the “invisible shape” academic direction, we will continue to comb and display Chinese representative artists in a multi-faceted and multi-angled way from an international perspective.”

Ms. Gertrud Aeschlimann, curator of the St. Urban Museum of Contemporary Art in Switzerland, is an internationally renowned art activist and is a highly involved executive. In August 2013, Mr. Su Duo Zhuang was invited to visit the St. Urban Education and Art Center co-founded by her and her husband. The couple supported the sponsorship of the Museum of Contemporary Art and the Young Artists Support Program at St. Urban where in November of the same year, the two curators met again at the Beijing Museum of Contemporary Art to discuss in detail a specific implementation plan. ‘The eleventh station of the resonance plan: Forms of the Formless (6)’ being one of the most important achievements founded in this meeting.

Forms of the Formless is a hugely important exhibition within the “In the Alps: Chinese Artists in St. Urban” Sino-Swiss Art Festival. The project spans two years and is the largest Chinese contemporary art event since the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Sweden.

This exhibition is expected to be held until the 24th of August, 2014.

(Text / Su Duo Zhuang Executive Director of Beijing Museum of Contemporary Art)