Exhibition Application

Exhibition Requirements

Contents of exhibition shall be in conformity with laws and regulations of P.R.C as well as that of the vision of MoCA Beijing.

Required Exhibition Application materials:

  • Application Form
  • Reference letter from the host
  • Exhibition Overview (PowerPoint or pdf. format)
  • List of exhibits
  • Photos of exhibits, videos and description in text. Complete versions are required of the artworks with size over 1m-3m or 300dpi resolution or above video information or jpeg. format images. Information about artist including CV, photos and other relevant information.
  • Explanation of use of the venue for special purposes

Materials Submission

Application materials should be submitted in both paper version and digital version within disks. Application materials can be posted or submitted directly to the address below.

MoCA Beijing

Email: bjmoca@163.com

Tel: 010 89578367

Address: 500, Daxingzhuang, Tongzhou District, Beijing

Submission Deadline

In order to process the application, application materials should be submitted no later than six months prior to the opening of the exhibition. For international exhibitions and exhibitions concerning exhibits from Hong Kong SAR, Macao and Taiwan of China and from outside China, application materials should be submitted twelve months prior to the opening of the exhibition.

Expert Review

Before the official signing of agreement, all the exhibitions and activities organized by MoCA Beijing need to be reviewed by the Review and Assessment Committee. Once passed the review, a confirmation process will follow between MoCA Beijing and the applicant.