Executive Director: Michael Suh

Born in 1975, Guangxi, Michael Suh now lives and works in Beijing as Executive Director for the Museum of Contemporary Art Beijing. Other positions include founder and director of the vibrARTion Project, Deputy Director for International Coordination and China Sculpture Institute, member of the ISC International Committee and KAO (Kinetic Art Organization) Executive Director for China. Major activities of his include the Beijing Olympic Sculpture Project, Yuzi Paradise International Sculpture Project (one of the first sculpture project involving international artists to work in China for larger sculpture commissions), NordArt China Pavilion for Chinese Cultural Year in Germany, Forms of the Formless: Exhibition of Chinese Contemporary Art, A Passage to the Alps: Chinese Artists in St. Urban and “Critical Connections” celebrating the 65th Anniversary of China-Switzerland Partnerships.
Michael Suh is currently Guest Professor at the Guangxi University School of Fine Arts.

Honorary Director: Gertrud Aeschlimann

Gertrud Aeschlimann lives and works in Switzerland and is co-founder of the Art St. Urban Gallery (located in St. Urban Lucerne, Switzerland) with her husband Heinz Aeschlimann. On top of her honorary director role at the Beijing Museum of Contemporary Art with whom she organised and co-curated the Sino-Swiss Festival with ‘Chinese Artists in St. Urban – A Passage to the Alps’, Aeshlimann is also co-founder of the Artists in Residence Program ‘Young Sculptors’ as well as being a board member of the Trustees International Sculpture Centre since 2000.

Advisory Board

Qin Feng (Founder, Director, Research Associate of the Fairbank Center, Harvard University)
Dr. Curtis Carter (International Curator, Art Critic, Honorary Director)
Micheal Suh (Executive Director, Curator)
Dr. Britta Erickson (International Art Critic, Scholar, Curator)
Ralfonso (President of Kinetic Art Organization)
Bruce Beasley (International Sculpture Center Founder, Artist)
Chen Xiaoxin (Critic, Curator)
Guo Yaxi (Critic, Curator)
Jia Fangzhou (Critic, Curator)
Liu Xiaochun (Critic, Curator)
Lu Hong (Critic, Curator)
Peng Feng (Critic, Curator)

Pi Daojian (Critic, Curator)
Tan Ping (Associate Professor of Central Academy of Fine Arts, Artist)
Wang Lin (Critic, Curator)
Xu Jiang (Associate Professor of China Academy of Fine Arts, Artist)
Zeng Chenggang (Vice President of Chinese Artists Association, President of China Sculpture Institute)
Xu Hong (Critic)
Yang Wei (Critic, Curator)
Zhang Pingjie (Critic, Curator)
Zhu Qi (Critic, Curator)
Zhu Qingsheng (Critic, Curator)