About the Museum

About the Museum

The Museum of Contemporary Art Beijing (MoCA Beijing) is located at the Art Centre Park in Songzhuang Town, Beijing. The Art Centre Park encompasses nearly fifty acres of creative activity space bringing forth a natural, quiet and peaceful environment. MoCA Beijing is committed to the exchange and promotion of contemporary art. It was formed to develop the state of contemporary art in a systematic and extensive way focusing on academia, literature and exhibitions to foster interaction and integration from multi-perspectives and levels to co-operate with one another. Every year MoCA Beijing collaborates with international museums and holds three to five annual exhibitions, as well as hosting nomination shows crafted by independent curators. MoCA Beijing also organises the collaboration of international artists as a platform for information and academic exchange of contemporary art.

MoCA Beijing was originally founded as the Gallery for Works of Chinese Professional Painters and the Ammonal Gallery. In the early 1990’s, this gallery was the first place where professional Chinese artists could exhibit their work and publicly showcase a non-mainstream culture. The first Chinese contemporary museum of art existed for a mere 365 days; however its spirit continued for 7 years where it finally came to end as an exhibition named ’13 Chinese’ in Hamburg, Germany.

Initially the Gallery for Works of Chinese Professional Painters and the Ammonal Gallery supported and organised the first exhibition of contemporary artists in front-line activities. In addition, they exhibited the works of various classical world masters such as Salvador Dali, George Baselitz, Kiki Smith and Rauschenberg. Currently MoCA Beijing helps to internationally promote various different Chinese artists and has supported curators and critics such as Zhu Qi, Curtis Carter, Peng Feng, Zhang Pingje, Britta Erickson, Marcus Lvpei Shields, Ahan Mohammed Abdallah and Gerald Clem Harman Abbot. This support helped bridge Chinese contemporary art with international contemporary art and provided a platform of global communication to further grasp the true meaning of Chinese contemporary art. Furthermore, this channel provided another lens to understand China by as it contributes to broadening perspectives.

MoCA Beijing has hosted many international and domestic exhibitions. Past examples include ‘Chinas Modern Painters Exhibition’ (Beijing), ‘China’s Avante-Garde Painting Exhibition’ (Hong Kong) and the ‘Chinese Contemporary Art Exhibition’ (Berlin). Recent exhibitions and shows include ‘Worlds Meet Each Other’, ‘Borders & Bridges’, ‘Secret Garden’, ‘No Air No Art’ and the ‘MoCA 10th Anniversary Series’. Such performances are highly acclaimed by both domestic and international artists.

MoCA Beijing’s objective goal is to become a hotbed and power station for contemporary art. We will strive to further develop along the path of creativity and communication.