April 26th, 2017

Partnerships | MoCA Beijing 10th Anniversary Exhibition (2)

MoCA Beijing
MoCA 10th Anniversary Exhibition Series (1)

Opening: 16:00 April 26, 2017
500, Daxingzhuang, Tongzhou District, Beijing

April 26th, 2017

Partnerships | MoCA Beijing 10th Anniversary Exhibition (1)

“Partnerships” is a theme to commemorate the10th Anniversary of the Museum of Contemporary Art Beijing. This exhibition showcases the works of artists from different disciplines and forms a part of a whole and represents an interactive relationship among cultures. The artworks provide an insight into contemporary and current art. Paintings, drawings, graphics, calligraphies, collages, photographs, sculptures all reflect differences or even cultural similarities.

Partnerships is a synonym for tolerance and cohesion. The selected artworks testify to the sensibility, subtlety and leniency of the artists who show their own perception of the world in this exhibition and leave a lasting impression. Their works of art have their claims expressed to the world and compete with other strong perspectives of reality. Some conquer the space, and some withdraw elegantly. Some want to be placed on a pedestal while others require a dark environment to protect their surface from the light. Some prefer to perform in groups and others as soloists. Some exhibits communicate with the viewers when piano notes accompany them. No matter how but all the selected works are interrelated and form a (new) whole.

A partnership is, after all, a pendulum between reason and passion, emancipation and headwind. It is also a chance to make visible lines of international art development across the borders.

June 28th, 2017

MoCA Beijing 10th Anniversary Exhibition Series (2)

Hans Eichmann has been engaged in sculpting for more than three years and has already created a large reputation for himself within the international art world. For Eichmann, boundaries are  made to be broken. Whether it be in personal living or within artistic creation, he is a true cross-border personality. Eichmann is an internationally renown expert in architecture, while at the same time he is also an active artist brilliant artist. The two-piece outdoor sculpture that can be seen on display outside of the museum is one Eichmann’s important representative works of welding.

Other exhibitor Ren Hongwei boasts a very unique style of art. Often influenced from childhood experiences, the contemporary global context is sourced from keen observation and deep thinking which provides his works with a familiar sense of strangeness.  Pop, elegance, misplacement, political metaphors and emotions are all hidden within his the works. Common phenomenas are redefined in conflict, and what were once ordinary objects acquire a new sense of life.

Art Director: Qin Feng
Curator: Michael Suh

Opening Time: 16:00 pm April 26th, 2017
500, Daxingzhuang, Tongzhou District, Beijing

September 1st, 2017

MoCA 10th Anniversary Exhibition Series (2)

Beijing Contemporary Art Museum’s 10th Anniversary Nomination Exhibition – will appear at the Beijing Museum of Contemporary Art featuring Liu Yonggang, Yu Runde, Tong Yunan, Meng Luding, Chang Quan, Li Daoli, Qin Chong, Wolfgang Gramm, Inga Aru, Heinz Aeschlimann and more works from twenty-six artists active within the international contemporary art world. The exhibition will last until December 20.

The index refers to thirty years. From the Lanshe Painting Society (1986) to the Amanda Gallery (1992) to the Beijing Museum of Contemporary Art (2006) after the name, accompanied and participated in the revival and growth of contemporary art in China, witnessing the changes of Chinese society and system. In the 1980s and 1990s, most of the avant-garde art trends participated in the Taiwan’s domestic and international exhibitions and academic exchanges planned and supported. From the first joint exhibition of Chinese professional painters (Chinese professional painter exhibition hall 1993) and Beijing Amanda Gallery and Eurasian beauty exhibition (1993-1997), to the introduction and exchange of Western contemporary art master works, from the tradition Contemporary, Eastern and Western culture and art education (2006-2017), we have tried our best to maintain the present, and have established a direct bridge for international art and cultural exchanges.

We organised and implemented a series of international art exhibitions and academic exchanges in an unofficial form, vividly showing the Eastern and Western cultures and artistic ecology after the Industrial Revolution, building a good atmosphere for the development and education of contemporary art. The Beijing Museum of Contemporary Art has participated in, planned and funded nearly 100 domestic and international art exhibitions and more than 50 exhibition catalogues and literature publications over 30 years. Today, we are honoured to nominate twenty-six artists who are active in the international contemporary art world as we celebrate the joys and comforts of our journey with the theme of ‘Partners’. We share this extraordinary moment with our colleagues and look forward to the recognition from the whole society. We hugely support and praise all colleagues for the meaning and dedication they have paid in creating our history.

Nominating Board: Li Tiejun (artist, senior curator), Wu Zhentao (artist, senior curator), Su Duo Zhuang (curator, current executive curator), Qin Feng (Artist, Founder of Beijing Museum of Contemporary Art)
Academic Host: Wang Nanjun (Art Critic, Director of Shanghai Himalaya Art Museum)

Curator and Organiser: Qin Feng

Nominated Artists: Wolfgang Gramm, Inga Aru, Heinz Aeschlimann, Qin Chong, Li Zhanyang, Zhang Jianhua, Liu Yonggang, Tong Yunan, Wang Wei, Lu Zongping, Huang Yan, Meng Luding, Wang Huaxiang, Li Daoli, Guan Sen, Hu Disheng, Lin Huixing, Song Junsheng, Lin Jichang, Chang Quan, Xia Pengcheng, Chen Meng, Yu Runde, Cai Fujun, Xu Dongsheng, Li Zhuo Exhibition: Li Tiejun, Wu Zhenduo

Opening Ceremony: 16:00 pm September 1st, 2017
Exhibition Period: September 1st – December 20th, 2017

Address: Beijing Museum of Contemporary Art, No. 500, Daxingzhuang, Songzhuang Town, Tongzhou District, Beijing

Contact Number: 010-895783671