August 6th, 2016

‘Borders & Bridges’ International Contemporary Art Exhibition

Academic Advisor: Qin Feng
Curators: Nour NOURI, Michael SUH
Organizers: Pashmin Art Gallery, Hamburg; Museum of Contemporary Art, Beijing
Venue: Museum of Contemporary Art, Beijing
Opening Vernissage: 3:30 p.m. Aug. 6, 2016
Exhibition Duration: Aug. 6, 2016 – Sep. 18, 2016

While in very ancient life, not society, the land was considered like the air we breathe, that is, without borders, the creation of very early societies and clans slowly and slowly led to creation of borders where each clan had to protect its territory. In modern societies also, borders are there to protect each country from the other. However, the creation of Euro zone can also be considered as a new phenomenon where easy dialogue between people within each territory is possible and easy. In this sense, even continents are related to each other and borders are turned into bridges where people and their ideas can walk from one side to the other and meet each other easily.

This exhibition works as this cultural bridge between European artists and Chinese art lovers. The aesthetic creativities of western artists are deconstructed in two senses. First, the creative expression and difference of each artist is visibly seen in his or her section. That is, each artist is separated from the other in his or her techniques and motifs. Second, the viewers live and breathe in a Chinese art space with their own oriental appreciation of art. Accordingly, the borders of aesthetic creativity are deconstructed in two ways and this, in turn, leads to a new creative atmosphere.

The positive aspects of this cooperation are unforeseeable since the extent of public involvement in the field of art, and the fact that this art is exposed to an extremely different taste, will make a new social atmosphere which is substantially formative. The exhibition provides a portrait of a western community to a non-western community and the borderline between self and other becomes less clear and finite. The individual “choice and voice” of each artist is mirrored as an objectified portrait of his or her creativity. In a Romantic sense, each versatile artist turns to be a creator of individual genius, imagination, invention, inspiration and originality and as a whole, the exhibition works as the cultural bridge between “nations of different notions”. Thus, the group exhibition becomes a social phenomenon and opens a new space for the appreciation of contemporary art.

September 29th, 2016

‘Secret Garden’ International Art Exhibition

On September 29th, 2016, co-sponsored by Beijing Museum of Contemporary Art, Beijing Wangfu Peninsula Hotel, and Bennington College of the United States, the 21st “Secret Garden” International Art Exhibition of “Resonance Plan” jointly planned by Su Duozhuang and Chen Yu kicked-off.

Exhibition Hosts: Qin Feng and Jon Isherwood
Opening Ceremony Host: Mr Su Duozhuang
Artists: Cai Fujun, Chen Yu, Deng Yu, Ding Fan, Duan Jianghua, He Wei Na, He Wei, Huang Li, Huang Zhiqiong, Jiang Lin, Li Wei, Lin Langming, Lin Xuhui, Nong Shaohua, Qin Chong, Ren Hongwei, Wang Nanzhen, Wu Hao Xie Ke’an, Yang Wenping, Yu Yuwen, Yu Yanna, Zhao Hang. As well as other guests from all walks of life attended the opening ceremony.

The theme of ‘Secret Garden’ was proposed by Su Duo Zhuang, the promoter and curator of the ‘Resonance Plan’. In his view, everyone has a secret garden in mind. For artists, within the complex art body there are no ways to objectively describe the different steps of ones thinking and association in the process of developing their work. This presents the true state of a spiritual phenomenon. No matter what kind of individualised perspectives and levels people are willing to publicly present, the type and amount of information that other individuals can sense and receive shall always be limited or ambiguous. The complexity of things, events and of spiritual phenomena, together correspond to the richness of the world. The “secret garden” expresses the essential characteristics of the artistic creator’s spiritual state and its spiritual symbol as a contemporary culture. In the current cultural context, it is necessary to allow more artistic audiences to think and be inspired.

According to the curator Chen Wei, this exhibition brings together nearly 70 artists from home and abroad, covering a variety of art forms such as shelves, prints, ink painting, photography, design, installation, and interactive works. Differences in thinking habits between the East and West of the participating groups, individual differences in artistic views, poor connection between context and semantics, differences in artistic techniques and skills, differences in individual feelings etc. objectively enhance the “mystery” that can be infinitely extended for specific artistic expression. These differences, on the practical level, have prompted the ‘secret garden’ to become an important opportunity to spy on and understand artistic expression.

It is reported that this exhibition will last until December 20. At the same time, as an extension of this international art exhibition, the ‘Secret Garden’ special exhibition and artist residency plan will land in Beijing Wangfu Peninsula Hotel in November. In this regard, Mr. Qin Feng, the academic host of the exhibition and the founder of the Beijing Museum of Contemporary Art said that the Museum is committed to supporting outstanding youthful art. Interior designers, art school teachers, students and graphic designers from a list of many all contribute to create and set up more meaningful and influential activities, promoting international art exchanges, and enhance cross-border integration of art.